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25th October 2017

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My Thyroid Safari 


Today I have made an intentional decision to get out of my shell and share my story about my journey with thyroid disease. I call it My Thyroid Safari. I have been in my shell because I wanted to know and understand what I was going through and manage it before sharing it with the world. I am now at a point in my journey that I can confidently talk about my experiences. I do this because I want to help someone out there who may not be aware of what is going on in their body or may be aware but does not know what to do about it.

It’s been quite an interesting self-discovery journey. Why the unexplainable mood swings?   I had no idea that the lactose intolerance I developed way back in 2009 had a connection to my thyroid condition.  I also did not know that the constant fatigue I experienced at work had anything to do with a thyroid malfunction. Why did I feel more tired in the morning than I did when getting into bed at night? Why is it that despite the addiction to working out at the gym four years ago, the digits on the scale were going clockwise? Why was I so forgetful? Why did I have difficulty concentrating on anything? This I came to know as brain-fog.  Why did I hate being out in the sun? I would perspire (still do) after 30 seconds of being in the sun. Why did I get those many boils early in my teens and early twenties? Why did I prefer eating my dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner? Why was I always constipated?

This story is about finding answers to these and many other questions that constantly plagued my mind about what my body was going through. caipirinha-2663029_1920

This journey of knowing, understanding and managing thyroid disease has made me more self-aware than I ever was.I have chosen to make lemonade out of this lemon. I must say the lemonade tastes so good that I do not wish the experience would have been any other way.